A homeowner with an extremely large mortgage, particularly one that he or she is unlikely to ever pay off.
Example Citations:
In these places, accepting a government "bailout" that pays them, say, 90 percent of the value of the house to keep from foreclosing will be very tough for lenders, who (if the appraisers don't fudge the numbers) could be forced to take 36 cents or 45 cents on the dollar for their loans. On the other hand, any plan that makes them pay more if they can afford it is hugely disadvantageous for the borrowers, who have option ARMs about to reset and are much better off handing the keys to bank-and maybe even scooping up the foreclosed house down the street.
If you're one of the "homedebtors" ... in this position, you might start thinking very seriously about just how attached you are to the wisteria vine snaking over the basketball hoop on your garage. That's what a lot of other California borrowers will be doing.
—Mark Gimein, "Here Comes the Next Mortgage Crisis," Slate, April 15, 2008
In the end, millions of homedebtors will lose their homes, the homes they told everyone they "owned", the homes everyone told them would "be a great investment".
—Bruce D. Stewart, "US foreclosure rate soars 43%," belairhomesforsale.com, November 2, 2006
Earliest Citation:
Homedebtor (a.k.a. "recent homebuyer"): Perpetual debtor/serf who will probably never own the home outright, thanks to cyclical refinancing (used to fund conspicuous consumption) and property taxes.
—Patrick Killelea, "Housing Bubble Glossary: http://patrick.net/wp/?p=63," Patrick.net, August 12, 2005
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